The Elves Deck - Complete Collection - 3 Decks

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This is your chance to get every edition we have made of The Elves Deck as it includes:

1x The Elves Deck (retail 27)
1x The Elves Deck - Galad (Green Gilding) (retail 45)
1x The Elves Deck - Mire (Gold Gilding) (retail 45)

The Elves Deck:
Only 760 copies of this deck were manufactured with 700 going to the market and 60 kept as the golden reserve by the company, it features an amazing tuck box manufactured by Boschiero & Newton in Italy with three hot foils.

The Elves Deck - Galad:

This is the amazing Galad. Featuring spectacular green gilding, inside a tuck box with three hot foils made by Boschiero & Newton in Italy, it's absolutely breathtaking and a stunning addition to your collection. Don't miss your last chance of owning a piece of art, an Elven treasure for your collection. With only 100 copies for the market and 20 copies as a golden reserve for the company, the stock is VERY LIMITED and once it's gone, it's gone.

The Elves Deck - Mire:

This is Mire, the most luxurious version of The Elves Deck, featuring three amazing hot foils on the tuck box made by Boschiero & Newton in Italy and a true jewel in your collection. It is limited to 100 copies for sale on the market and 20 copies kept as the gold reserve of the company. We have VERY LIMITED stock of these jewels and once it's gone, it's gone.

The Elves Deck Playing Cards are manufactured by the USPCC on Premium Bee Stock with a Linen finish and two metallic inks. With this wonderful pack, you have a chance to get a reward similar to the ones that were offered on Kickstarter.

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