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Hello everyone and welcome to our first deck: The Elves Deck.

Our deck is fantasy based and it’s about Elves and as everyone else it grows out of our passion for fantasy and RPG games. When we thought about this project, which has been a work of two years of planning, concept, design and revisions, we noticed that there wasn’t really any deck out there specifically on the Elven races and we wanted to make one. We are not connected to any existing world out there and we wrote our own story and created our own characters.

We launched our campaign on Kickstarter and reached a 200% funding within a month.

You can check it out here:

And here

And see some amazing professional promo shooting by Richard Arturo here as well.

The Elves Deck
Two different and very elegant Tuck Boxes
The Elves Deck – Galad – Green Gilded
The Elves Deck – Mire – Gold Gilded
The Card Guy – Video Review


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