The Secret of the Sea

Deluxe Playing Cards

Hello everyone and welcome to our second deck: The Secret of the Sea.

Delighted with the result we obtained with The Elves Deck we launched another exciting project: The Secret of the Sea.  

Our new adventure takes place in the world that we created with the Elves but is related to the sea and its mysteries. After completing our first deck, we worked relentlessly for over a year on this project and when ready we launched it on Kickstarter.

Everything in this project has been carefully thought and all our cards are custom and hand-drawn (no AI anywhere). Every detail of our playing cards has been studied and revised until we have reached the final design that we are very proud to show you here too. 

Our campaign on Kickstarter reached almost 200% funding within a month and the decks will soon be available in our shop too.

You can check Kickstarter here:

And here on our Instagram:

For commodity here are see some amazing professional promo shootings.

Deluxe Version

Blackbeard Edition

The Card Guy – Video Review


If you want to purchase additional decks or the half-brick box we just finished preparing for this deck, please check out our store here.

2 thoughts on “The Secret of the Sea

  1. Jan says:

    I’m interested in the half brick box for Secret of the Sea, but I’m not finding it, it’s price, or any way to buy anything here.

    1. FRIS Cards says:

      Hello Jan, did you check the menu on the top left? There is a link to the store, which is also here, and there you can purchase it. Thanks for your support!
      FRIS Cards


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